Nature inspires…even when regurgitated on the rug.

My diggity-dawg

Even when your dog (maybe) kills a possum in your backyard and then chews on it and rolls in it and barfs it onto the rug…nature is still cool.

I have really enjoyed the cooling temperatures and the hint of autumn in the air.  We are attempting to keep a year-round garden in addition to all my artsy pursuits.  Organic, and everything!

Is shooting squirrels with a pellet gun organic pest control?  (ha–I don’t have a pellet gun, but lately I wish I did.)  Lily is pretty good at controlling pests (and pesky neighbor cats) when she is actually in the yard;however, the garden is in the side yard, and is frequented by both squirrel, cat and who knows what else.  One time Mr. Honey Pie caught a mole with the water hose, his hands, and a bucket!  We couldn’t bear to kill it though, so he took it to a marsh in a different part of James Island and released the beast back into the wild.  {Softy.}

I wish now that I had done a nature study of that mole.  (Like Beatrix Potter did.)  Nature is a recurring theme in my work, and it’s preservation is important to me.  That is why finding the most non-toxic and sustainable way to create is so vital.  My walks in the morning often give me inspiration for art pieces, and that is just in my own neighborhood.  One day I saw a hawk chase a squirrel up a tree, another day I found a praying mantis on my doorknob, and the studio/guest room overlooks the backyard, which is the best part of working in here.  Even though I pretty much detest the squirrels, they are fun to watch.

My challenge to you is, get away from the television; get out and walk around.  Listen, breathe the air, smell the smells (even though the marsh smells of poots, I know I am home) and get inspired!  Watch the sunset with your  family, or look at the stars.  Notice the phases of the moon; howl at it, if you feel so inclined.  You don’t have to make art, but if you really pay attention to your natural surroundings, your heart may just sing.

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