Your very own cave walls

Sketchbooks.  These are really important tools in nurturing creativity. If you are interested in feeding your creative soul (and I suppose you are, if you are reading this), I suggest that you keep a sketchbook or notebook to doodle and jot down thoughts.  Keeping one by the bed is key, because you never know when that great idea will wake you up at three A.M.  (Trust me, this happens all the time.)  At the moment I have been scouring my old ones for ideas, and they have been a great, useful history of my brain.  There are ideas that are from ten years ago that I jotted down and never explored.

Now comes the sticky wicket:  I have filled up many, many books since the third grade.  Luckily, my mam and dad have most of my “early works”  (the ones from third to twelfth grade) boxed up somewhere in their house.  I have been carting around the ones from college on, and let me tell you, they take up at least two boxes.  That sure is a LOT of doodling!  In my quest for fewer clutter, the sketchbooks are my speed bump.  Journals I can do with out; you can always make your own private blog for a journal/diary, and a lot of times the sketchbook is a visual diary.  However, keeping a sketchbook on the computer???  That is one I don’t believe I could do.  The sketchbook is a visual journal; as I looked through my history yesterday, I could tell exactly where I was without  looking at the date.

There are some that I have chunked, though.

Not long ago, I burned a box full of diaries that were full of “Negative Nancy” stinkin’ thinkin’.  Just dumped them all into the chimenea in my folks’ backyard and enjoyed a beer while they smoldered.  It felt ceremonial, and I vowed never to write mean things about myself ever again.  Well, I found a couple of sketchbooks that had similar lines of thought in them, so out they went.  The others are funny, and it’s surprising how much I have changed but still am the same, in a way.  Also from looking at all the books, maybe I should try my hand at cartooning again.  Man, those things are brimming with cartoons.  Or perhaps I shall type less and scan my sketches so this becomes a visual blog….only time will tell.

Until then, go find a notebook, buy a sketchbook, or staple some pieces of paper together for an impromptu book.   Get doodling!  Make observations, write things down, make lists of things you like or don’t like (I found a list of the different ways you can make toast in one), glue pictures in, tape in leaves, dribble paint….. Whatever, just get cracking, and the ideas will flow, and maybe you will get the urge to take something out of the sketchbook and into a final art piece.  You never know what form the muse will take.  Paint your cave walls.

***Some good news: in cleaning out my gigantic portfolio I found that many pieces are matted and ready to be sold.  On October 9, 2010 (it’s a Saturday) you can find me at the Holy City Artists and Fleas selling these wares, along with my friend Terese.  She will have cool, colorful, cotton clothes (Indian style) and I will have some t-shirts and greeting cards as well.  This is a heads-up; I will shoot out a reminder when we get closer.  With any luck, I will sell out; thus, cleaning out a large portion of ARTifacts from the studio space!***

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