Ideally, there will be Time

For a long time I did not know what I wanted to do; I only knew what I did NOT want to  do.  Now that my purpose has become clear, I would like to share what a typical day in my ideal life would be like.

1.) I would awaken naturally each day, with no alarm clock.

2.) Yoga first, then run/walk my dog, which is when my ideas come to me as if by magic.

3.) Drink coffee and read.

4.)  Work on projects for two hours.

5.) Go outside

6.) Have lunch with a friend, or with Mr. Honey Pie

7.) Take a nap

8.) Read, write, draw, while sitting in the sun (or go on another walk)

9.) Gardening

10.) Make dinner

11.) Play music  (o.k….listen to Mr. Honey Pie make music), read or watch a movie

12.) Sleep

Pretty simple, isn’t it?  The thing I want most in life is not oodles of cash; it’s time that I crave.  To be able to set my own schedule would be the ultimate freedom; the ultimate goal.  That is why I  have been hooked on minimalism.  It seems the only way for me to reach my goal is to implement minimalism into my life.  I just finished reading Leo Babauta’s e-book The Simple Guide to a Minimalist Life.  The philosophy of “less is more” really resonates with me.  I have never had a personal philosophy, but now I have found one.  (No, I didn’t come up with it on my own, but what great idea only ever belongs to one person?)

Also, there is a correlation to decluttering and improved creativity.  When I took stock of all that I personally owned  (this excludes shared items such as furniture and kitchen appliances) I realized it was a LOT more than I thought I had.  I have close to 400 belongings to my name.  Some stuff I forgot I had.  As I have weeded and sold some things and given other things away, art opportunities keep popping up.  It’s as if I had to excavate my creative channels; they must have been clogged.  I wasn’t making work because my supplies and belongings crowded the space, were visual junk, and I couldn’t see where I needed to start.  Cleaning out my space has some how let the artistic me expand.

This past weekend I had a booth at the Holy City Artist and Fleas to try and sell off much of my excess pieces.  Weeeellll…I broke even, and still have a lot of projects.  Please check back on this page as I will be uploading prints and other pieces I have for sale.  Also, I aim to get a booth next month, as we will be ever closer to Christmas.  Don’t worry; I will remind you all.

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