Inspirado, how do you come to my senses?

I say, there's a wing in my face.

I am not what one might call “a fashionista.”  In fact, my so-called style runs to the “what is comfortable and (mostly) clean today?”

Of course, Mr. Honey-Pie would say,”Your ‘style’, My Love, is pajamas,, which you would live in, given the choice.”  (Which is another reason to love yoga…)

So it is odd that I find myself inspired by fashion…or rather, fashion illustration.  While decluttering I found a book entitled Fashion Illustration Now, which I bought some years ago but haven’t opened in a while.  Many of the illustrations are works of art and are fine examples of experimental figure drawing.  There are several different artists featured in the book, and so offer various avenues of exploration for my own work, by both subject and medium.  (Who knows…maybe I will be inspired to dress better!)

So, don’t rule anything out even if it may go against your grain.  You may be inspired by something that may not play a huge part in your life.  Get enthralled.  Be surprised.  Don’t count anything out (at first glance.)  Inspiration comes in many forms, like God…or water…or corn by-products.

**Minimalist tendencies have again offered me more inspiration!  It’s fun to be simple.**

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