I hate public speaking.
Ughhhh....A man walks into a bar...Ouch!

Even when I ask a question in a meeting or seminar, my face turns red, my heart rate increases, and I become very sweaty.  Why can I not get my lovely, gregarious self out in such situations?  I suppose it is the feeling of being put on the SPOT….so I made a cartoon about it.


  1. I feel the same way. I can get up and play songs ad infinitum in front of crowds of people (not that “crowds” have ever really turned out to hear me); but to say words in front of anyone in an academic setting is pure terrifying.


    1. Yes, Jacob…if it is (was) a performance or goofing around, making people laugh, I’m all good. But speaking in front of a group, in a serious way, or asking a question of a (supposedly) important person? No. Thank. You.


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