Guerilla Cuisine

The first three courses

Last week I was invited to show some art at a Guerrilla Cuisine dinner here in Charleston (SC).  Guerrilla Cuisine is an “underground” dining, art, and music experience.  Really, it is mostly all about the food.  Still, I snagged two free tickets for being the artist at this dinner.  It was quite delicious.  Chef Chris Stallard of Chai’s was featured, and there were eight wonderful courses.  At these dinners, you are encouraged to leave comments on the gratuity envelopes, so I illustrated mine.

My thanks to Mr. Honey Pie for photographing my dinner sketches!

Due to wine (BYOB, with many people sharing what they brought) the doodles got sketchier as the night wore on!  Marvelous.Courses 4, 5, 6…

  • Courses 7 & 8!

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