What I wore…yesterday

rain day
No rubber boots, yet I've lived in Chucktown for 5 years...go figure.

Due to some technical difficulties on Monday, my computer was down…all.  day.

It is alarming how reliant I have become on this machine, but it is my own gallery wall, connection to the world at large, etc.

At least I got this drawing all figured out.  The concept is a “borrow” from Gemma Correll; you should all check out her work.  She has it down.

I find myself struggling with style at the moment…I want it to be simpler, but all my schooling comes back and I start futzing with head proportions.  It really IS harder to simplify one’s style than become more and more realistic, at least for this artist.  When dealing in realism, there seems to be an endpoint one can reach, but with simplification and abstraction…well, that’s to each artist’s own discretion.  It’s all a grand experiment…my best friend/cousin/favorite graphic designer (who I had the pleasure of seeing this weekend) suggested I make a return to hand written/drawn type.  Reebs, this one’s for you!

Thoughts?  Retweets?  Facebook reposts? :0)


  1. Yay for handwritten type… yours is always so lovely, Nansoon!
    Wonderful to see you this weekend, too. Come visit again and we’ll head to your area soon!


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