Back to Nashville after 7 years…

Huffin and Puffin'  (birds?)
I am assuming most people will be decked out in cowboy hats.

The cowboy hats thing is partially true, if it’s country fan week…I worked at amazing Hatch Show Prints as an intern seven years ago…we made show posters for all sorts of bands the “old-fashioned way”.  Hand set type and inking and pulling the paper by hand…I love the smell in that place!  Now I head back to Nashville to run my first (and last?) half marathon.  (It’s on the Bucket List.)  What’s cool about this race is that it’s part of the “Rock’n Roll Marathon” series, so there will be bands playing every mile or so…no iPod required!

I sketched this quickly in my sketchbook as we are to fly out soon–I will have many run funnies for you folks next week!  Later, y’all!


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