A sleepy cat and a Store promotion! The excitement never stops…

Snoozy Suzy

More Photoshop experimenting!  As there is a bit of fall in the air, the autumnal palette is on the kitty.  I hand-drew this into my sketchbook in brush pen, then played around with color and texture in Photoshop.  Should I stay simpler, or push more with the textures?  Or, abandon the computer and stick with ink & paint?  I have an entire CD of high-res texture photos I took waaaaay back in 2004.  We shall see where the journey goes.

PLEASE, feel free to give me suggestions or (gentle) constructive critique.

ALSO:  Free shipping in my Society 6 store by clicking the link:  http://society6.com/NancyLemon?promo=e74ef3

This soporific feline will be available, albeit maybe a simpler version…

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