Watercolor Pets

Hey hey, watercolor animalia fun fun fun!

I was actually able to paint these while watching Boardwalk Empire last night.  Usually I don’t work in front of the teee-veee, but it happened last night.  Go figure.

I have had many dogs over my 33 years, and one of them was a Wire-haired Fox Terrier named Skipper.  (Wire-haired Terror is more like it, really.)  He was a funny little dog, but developed a bad habit of nipping now and again, as well as marking terrier-tory in the house.  He was Admiral Halsey, III as my parents had two Admiral Halseys before I was born!  They were all called “Skipper”…the Admiral bit was their “paper name.”

The cat is a funny picture I found…fiance says she looks like a cat-toad hybrid.

These are available in the store and are part of a larger project I’ve been working on.

Please click on an image to see them enlarged in a slide show.  Exciting!


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