from 2004

Something from Back in the Day

from 2004
“…but our fear is contagious, and sometimes deadly.”

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This is one crazy week, so I found this in my portfolio and thought I would scan it.  It was a piece created for an article given to us in an Editorial Illustration class at dear old Portfolio Center, back in 2004.  Unfortunately, the message of that article is still relevant today.  The availability of media, advertising, and round-the-clock news has us living in cages of fear.   Well…a lot of us.

(I was much more political in my twenties; today finds me a disillusioned thirty-something.  haha)  Back in aught four, I was pretty passionate and idealistic, but at that time my income was student loans and my days were spent creating fun and dynamic art.  Now I work for the State and am currently repaying my mountain of art school debt.  ‘Nuff said.

See, this is why I now create goofy cartoons and dog paintings–all this seriousness is bad for your health.

I really hope you all have a great day, and thank you for sticking with my blog for this long!


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