Foodstuffs and a STORE promotion…

Also, as I’ve learned from Your Money or Your Life to track every bit of money that comes into, and out of, my life, a pattern has emerged…

It’s about quality, NOT quantity…which is a problem on a…shall we say…limited budget.  (I prefer the French pronunciation: boo-jhay.)  I like buying good, quality foodstuffs, especially from local producers.  The wine…well, I can deal with cheaper (thank you, Rex Goliath), but with food…the success of a dish starts with quality ingredients.  “Freshness is essential…that makes all the difference.” thank you, Julia Child.  Also, I have gotten into the habit of hitting the Maybank Piggly Wiggly (otherwise known as the “beer mall” or “beer store with some groceries in it”) to refill my growler with some delicious micro-brew.

If you’d like to help with my love of quality food and beverage, purchase quality products with home made art in my store…there’s a promotion going on until October 14th…SEE:  FREE SHIPPING on my products at Society 6!  (You have to click on the link here in order to get the discount.)

Bon appetit!

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