Another Lemur drinking wine.

Red Zinfandel, anyone?

My posts have become sporadic lately, as my wedding draws near, and my day job requires longer hours.  We put on events at a University in my town, and our annual Winetasting at the Aquarium is coming up.  Each year we put a different animal on the wine glasses, and it is my job to design the glasses.  Our Aquarium currently has a “Madagascar” exhibit, which means they have an area for a lemur habitat, with four lemurs in it.  (No, they are not swimming around in the shark tank or any of the other fish tanks!)  So, we are going with a lemur glass/theme this year.  As I was drawing concepts, I drew this funny little guy.  As the glass is more refined and is done in Illustrator (utilize those vectors!) this lemur just hung out on my desk for a while.  I liked him so much that he is presented here for your amusement, with only a touch of Photoshop used.

A toast to you all on this Friday!  Sláinte!

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