Victorian Babbit

Oh, do you now?

This made me laugh after drawing it.  After studying the Contagious Fear piece that I made several years ago, my thought was to pursue this style of drawing for a bit, to see where it takes me.  I definitely need to study up on cross-hatching techniques…please feel free to send me recommendations on such a topic.  (You can leave in the comments section or Tweet me.)

I would love to hear any constructive criticism on my work…be gentle, dear readers…I’ve an artist’s soul.


  1. Pen and ink is a whole different world. I prefer pencil, but ink comes off stronger for the blog. I’d encourage you to look at other great ‘inkers’, like Robert Crumb, and steal from them liberally 🙂


    1. ‘Tis. Truly! Thank you for the suggestion, Hansi. I haven’t visited R. Crumb in quite some time; he’s definitely a good school to visit as far as drawing goes.


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