Boykins & Girlkins

Waiting for birds

Now that I am on a dog art kick, I took some requests from Facebook peeps as to what breeds they would like to see.  (My first idea was to start by drawing and painting the top 10 dog breeds in order to have them available in my STORE.)

This is a Boykin Spaniel, requested by my friend “Savannah Mat.”  I should have thought of this, as the Boykin Spaniel is our state dog here in South Carolina.  Also, my dad has one named Polly…she is his favorite daughter.  The Boykin is a cute, curly haired, chocolate-colored spaniel, often used for bird hunting.  My dad and his Polly are avid dove hunters.  Boykins have always seemed rather nervous or tense to me (hence the expression on the face above), but maybe it is more of an intensity for the hunt that is there on their face.  They are sweet, gentle dogs, and Polly is attached to my dad at the hip.

This is now available on many sundries in the STORE.

Feel free to repost, comment, or give dog (or other animal) requests!


    1. I’ve never actually seen my dad’s Polly hunt, but she gets SO excited when he puts on camouflage!
      Your Boykin does look adorable…grumpy is so charming in dogs. 🙂


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