Rosco bought the Farm

This one’s for Smuniewk.

Lately I have been really inspired by two awesome illustrator artists: Sandra Dieckman and Gabriella Barouch.  They have inspired me to take more of a plunge and journey into digital art.  The above is my first attempt at creating a digital mixed media piece; I have decided that it is best to begin with a solid drawing.  To start, my scans were something I really had to research and let me tell you, plain old pencil (we’re talkin’ #2 grade school-style) doesn’t really cut it.  If you want my opinion, sketch lightly in pencil, then go over with darker Prismacolor.  I have yet to plumb my local art store for better alternatives, but will keep you fine folks posted if anything pops up.

Once the sketch is in, I suggest tossing the white background (Magic Wand tool, anyone?) in order to darken your lines.  Then have at it!  It seems that Photoshop is almost like running around in an art store and playing with all the supplies; it is a virtual bottomless pit of art paraphernalia.  At times, it can be a bit daunting, but with the help of some online tutorials ( has been my new school) and a little fearlessness, not to mention the aforementioned inspirational digital artists, there is a whole new world of art possibilities.  I know this is rough compared to the best, but I am trying to break the habit of comparing myself to others these days.  (It’s a hard habit to break.)

Rosco was my friend Smu’s dear Weimaraner who unfortunately passed away this year.  He was a 100 pound, gorgeous dog; I only met him once, but what a magnificent canine.  Smu took him on the boat while he fished; there is a great shot of Rosco on the prow of his boat.  It looks like he hollering, “Land, ho!” or, “Hey, there’s a fish!”


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