From my afternoon bus ride


Usually I don’t draw on the bus on my afternoon commute, as it’s so shaky and makes the line work trembley; however, the other day my sketchbook was so absorbing that it was difficult not to draw.  Yes, the line weight is different, but I really like the effect.  As it turns out, CARTA (Charleston Area Regional Transportation Authority) is not a bad drawing effect.

The subject matter comes from living by the ocean and traveling over the harbor going to and from work each week day.  My drawing of Mary Lee does not look like a Great White Shark (and I have to say my stomach knotted up looking at these photos), but it’s shark-esque.  Mary Lee has been in our harbor and off our shores for a little while, lured by cooler water temperatures and BIG (think 40 lb fish) Spot Tail Bass.  Usually we don’t get Great Whites here, because it’s so warm most of the year.  I just checked at the OCEARCH, and it looks like she’s now in Myrtle Beach.  She was tagged in Cape Cod by these folks, and named after one of the marine biologist’s mothers.

We never have Narwhals (as they live in the Arctic year-round), but I love drawing “unicorns of the sea” and my friend, Jess, has me thinking about them now.

Click on the drawing to ENLARGE the view.


  1. I would have no idea you drew this on a shaky bus. Well done! I always feel a bit sick if I draw on the bus, but if an interesting enough person steps on then I’ll have a go. It’s a great sketch. Russell.


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