I’ve been gone, but am still thinking of you.

Hello friendly readers.  I apologize for not being here lately; “life is what’s happening when you’re busy making other plans.”  (John Lennon said that.)  “I’ve got to paint this dad-gum studio/music room.” (I said that.)

Yes, I’ve been spending my time painting walls rather than canvases and paper, and have been distracted from my doodling/scribbling.  This little narwhal was a possible business card design for me…another thing that has been pushed aside while the studio is being ransacked and remodeled.  Moving everything in and out of rooms really forces you to take stock of all the supplies and art bits that have been piling up and been stacked against walls for what seems like years.  This is a good thing, this taking stock.  My goal (as ever) is to pare down to a creative corner, so I can focus on drawing and watercolor/gouache pieces.  I like the idea of the tiny, portable studio.  Some stuff will be hard to part with–I have a small collection of self-made rubber stamps and printmaking brayers that I don’t know if I can part with.  The rubber stamps are probably dried out–I haven’t used them in years, but the linocut blocks should still be good.  As for my many canvases…yeesh, that’s going to be tough.  Perhaps a local coffee shop needs some art for their walls?  We shall see…

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