Quick specs sketch


Lately I haven’t been doing a lot of drawing or anything art-wise.  I had a break at work and drew a quick sketch of my reading glasses, and immediately felt better.  I don’t know if it’s the rearranging of rooms at home that has me reluctant to create, or if fear has crept in, or what…but I realized we have to almost “steal” time for art if it’s important to us.  Also, I have been using the computer more, and it was a relief to make this drawing, then post it…warts and all.  As my scanner imports drawings into Photoshop automatically, I felt myself reach for the “clean up” tools.  Instead, here are all the marks that show a map of the drawing, if that makes sense.


  1. I should draw my glasses too. But then I wouldn’t be able to see anything. Taking a break from drawing is necessary sometimes. Looks like you’re easing back into it.


  2. Specs can be troublesome, I really have to think carefully before making a mark. I think you use different parts of the brain when on the computer and then the drawing takes back seat, unless you’re drawing with a computer. I’ve noticed this myself. I agree with Hansi, sometimes a break is worthwhile, good to take a step back. Great sketch, you put lots of character into those spectacles, Russell.


    1. Thanks, Russel. Specs are difficult, but more so (for me) when someone is wearing them! Yes, I’ve been schooling on Lynda and use the computer pretty much exclusively at my day job, so it’s nice to get back to some “analog” art. It’s interesting to think that we probably do utilize different parts of the brain for computer vs. drawing…I never thought about that. Also, my eyes feel much more tired from staring at a screen all day rather than looking at a piece of paper or canvas.


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