Sustainably Tea Cups

painted teacupsFor some inspiration, I have turned once again to Michael Nobbs’s e-book, Start to Draw Your Life.  Today I have finished a drawing on velum, colored with Cotman watercolors and a random blue pen.  This was an exercise in drawing a series of objects.  While these teacup/measuring cups are similar in style, I like the way they were stacked on this plate.  I’ve never painted on velum before, and quite honestly didn’t think it would work.  However, I’m quite happy with this slouchy, comfy result; I even like the bleed from the cheap pen.  This feels like a real “letting go” piece of work.

I’m tempted to practice with the Wacom and Photoshop, just to compare the two…

Have a comfy, slouchy, “letting go” Friday.


  1. I like the comfy, slouchy approach! Feels very ‘NANSOON’ to me. (I mean the drawing–not suggesting you’re slouchy. HA!)


    1. Haha, yes, finally finding me again…don’t know where I went…haha.
      I think of slouchy as comfortable…not in terms of posture, so thanks!


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