A bit of Southern Cultural for you all…I mean, Y’all.

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Really? Ice tea bags?
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The other day it finally got a bit warm here in the Southeastern United States.  I say “finally” because we are usually already sweltering at this time of year, but Mother Nature has given us a bit of a reprieve.  Cool nights, cool mornings, and bearable midday.  We haven’t even turned on the air conditioner yet.

So when it got warm, I made sweet tea.  From those of you not from this region, let me enlighten.  Steep two large (or “Family Size” if you will) tea bags in 4 cups boiling water.  Remove tea bags (post steep) and add liberal amounts of sugar or sweetener of your choice.  I like it sweet, but not so sweet that your teeth feel like they are dissolving out of your head, but that’s up to you.  Pour over ice into a pitcher and add cold water to fill.  Mmm, mmm, MMM…that’s good sweet tea!  Feel free to add lemon…I don’t.

The box was so colorful and the tea so tasty that i felt like doing another scribble/painting on the velum.  It was then I noticed that I had purchased “Ice Tea bags”…I don’t really understand the difference between these and regular old tea bags, but please feel free to enlighten me.

One can never be too enlightened.

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