I am so beary punny…


Wouldn’t everyone adore a palm-size Baloo??
I know I would.

“Look for the Bare Necessities…”  (yes, I just went and watched that part of The Jungle Book on Youtube.)  It’s a good philosophy.

Hello all, Happy new week.  I often think about paring down my belongings, and wonder where my “bear minimum” should be.  Even though I’m an avid reader, I have pared down books.  This was easy, as I’ve had a long love affair of libraries.  The hardest thing has been art supplies.  As I’ve embraced more digital means, I’ve sworn off buying anything unless I’m hired to do a piece and absolutely need something for that.

This was drawn and used as a personal exercise in understanding Photoshop layer masks…trickier to my head than I thought.

In other news, I’ve had two pieces selected to go up in Society 6’s main print store:

What Can an Ampersand Be Used For? and Treble Clef Cat.

I’m guessing this will give me a bit more exposure and eventually become a little supplemental income!  Fingers crossed, as I currently pay the “bear minimum” on my student loans each month!  har har har

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