Turn on your Love Light…

loveBulbWPI have had such fun playing with little happy ideas and seemingly small, everyday items.  If only love could power all the lights and everything in our house…we might get a power surge, though!

There was a time when my art was very dark (content-wise) and a bit scary…but that’s been a long while.  Now I hope to use my art and cartoons and what have you to bring a little love and light into people’s lives.  That is my mission, in a nutshell.  Promoting the happy, cozy, simple pleasures of life in order to give you pause and a smile, hopefully!

This piece is a bit different from what I usually do…I got out of my comfort zone a little and looks as if I’m drawing with neon chalk.  Instead, it was experimenting with coloring my lines in Photoshop, rather than letting the lines hold the color inside.  One of those little happy accidents while learning and experimenting…I believe that’s called growing.  haha

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