A Woman’s Glory and a Favor

They say a woman’s glory is her hair…

…but here in the Southeastern US in the middle of July, “glory” is not what it seems to be after walking outside for half a minute.  However, the phrases “Chia Pet” or “collection of dust bunnies on my head” spring immediately to mind!

How is everyone this week?  Good, I hope.  I haven’t continued many of my “Fashionistas” so here is one now.  She’s been languishing in my tiny sketchbook, waiting for her debut.  It’s fun, playing with the combination of pencil and Photoshop.  I can’t believe I was such a skeptic for so long.  Now I see that masks are my friend, if only I can continue figuring out how they work.

In other news, Threadless.com approved one of my designs, so I come to you with a favor to ask.  Please click here: “Turn on Your Love Light” and vote for me to have my design published.  And then please please share with friends!  There are 17 days remaining in the contest; if I get picked, my design will be published and printed on myriad sundries.  I will be eternally, forever grateful!

The Love Light design


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