Live in the Now

liventhenow copy

I love the idea of “living in the now” so I wanted to make something clever.  This is the first hack at it, and I think I have a few bugs to work out, but all in all, not so bad.  Maybe Adobe Illustrator is called for here.  We shall see.

Living in the now…this is something I struggle with everyday.  I will catch myself starting one task and getting easily waylaid by other things.  Technology has increased my propensity for short attention span; I was actually better at paying attention when I was in grade school!  However, we have the power to turn off distracting devices such as the computer and phones.  (For now…)  The hardest thing is turning off one’s mind.  Meditation is something I’m attempting to get better at, in an effort to retrain my attention span and thus “Live in the Now.”  Try sitting just for two minutes, and pay attention to your breath, or focus on a fixed point with your eyes half closed.  We can then bring our attention to all the actions and thus learn to appreciate where we are now rather than rehashing of the mistakes of the past or the pining for hopes of the future.  Love, and live, life now.  That is my wish for you (and selfishly, me) on this Tuesday afternoon.  Be well.

Any comments or thoughts on this design or any words of wisdom are appreciated and welcomed.


  1. We all actually live in the Now. it’s just when we now worry about the future or now regret the past, that we find suffering. Good luck with the meditation.


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