Wishing for Wellingtons

Click to ENLARGE picture

It has been a very wet summer for us here in the Southeastern US, and I have been longing for a nice pair of rain boots as I now have soggy sandals.  To me, the British term “Wellingtons” or “Wellies” sounds much more fun than the boring old “rain boot.”  So, as I usually do, I started drawing and making puns and came up with the above little drawing.  It makes me smile, and I actually like rainy days.  I just would like some Wellies so I can splash around in puddles as I take the journey to my parking lot here at work.  (I have about a 10 minute trek to my allotted space.  Parking is a premium in Charleston.)  The walk is fairly enjoyable to me, as it provides a nice little meditation to begin and end the day, however: the soggy sandals problem.  So I will save my pennies for a pair of (dark green) Hunters or Kamiks.  Or…Mr. Carney, or Mom and Dad, if you’re reading this…Christmas is in a couple of months.  haha

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