Mixed Feelings about Technology


I have a feeling I am not alone with this sentiment.  When cell phones became “necessary” among my peers, I was a year or two out of college.  Now they’ve nearly become appendages, and one feels weird leaving home without them.  I finally made the jump to a “Smartphone” several months ago and now sometimes wish I hadn’t made that gigantic leap of technology.  Everything is in this ubiquitous little device…and it fits in a pocket!  Literally, all the information in the world at your finger tips, and it fits in your pocket.  It’s mind boggling.  And at the same time, I feel dumber.

Recently, as I was looking to streamline finances, the thought flitted through my mind that the data plan could be thrown out and maybe my iPhone could be sold.  As I thought this, my hands clutched my device and I actually felt myself get a little…panicky?  A little fomo crept in there too…yes, it’s shameful to admit, but that was the general feeling.  Fear of Missing Out strikes again!  And I HATE that I’ve been tricked into this.  Before the Smart Phone, I got by fine with my old slide open, qwerty keyboard, free upgrade phone.  Before that, a succession of cheap, free-with-plan phones, and before that…a phone that stayed at home with all my other stuff.  A phone that I thought little about unless it rang.  WHAT HAPPENED??

Of course, after checking my contract, it turns out I’m locked in until January 2015.  This I accepted…with a little sigh of relief.

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