Rainy day Jane


I saw a lady walking by one day who had these giant purple glasses on, so she (and the copious amounts of rain we’ve had this summer) inspired this little work.  To be honest, I miss the rainy days, as now it is like walking into hot soup outside.  A good, stormy day would ease the humidity and maybe cool this place off a bit.

In all honesty, the idea of heaven to me is an eternal autumn.  It’s truly my favorite season of the year, from the colors to the smell.  The smell of the first fire in someone’s chimney or backyard and the smell of cold on the horizon.  Oranges and reds and rusts and yellows, against the backdrop of a crisp, blue sky…it’s all just the best.  Maybe it wouldn’t be my favorite if it was year-round though.  Who’s to say?

As usual, this is hand drawn and colored digitally.

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