An old, handmade Sketchbook

The other day I decided to go through my collection of old, filled up sketchbooks to mine for ideas.  I forgot that I made this one back in 2008 (?) but I really like it.  Some of the entries made me laugh out loud, because I crack myself up.  The book itself is made from recycled materials:  a scrap of wallpaper from my grandparent’s house, cardboard, some of the pages have been Xeroxed on one side (which means I salvaged it from the office recycle bin), and the binding is dental floss (not used) and tabs made of paper grocery bag.  How Earth-friendly can you get??  The fantastic old picture is from a stack that my teacher, Larry gave me when I was in grad school.

I am also including one of the spreads I found inside; next week I promise to have some new drawings.  I’ve been a bit under the gun this week, and with late meetings, my poor blog and art got neglected.

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