In which the semi-finalist gallery is open…

Hello All!  I am sending out a call for help on this rainy Monday we are having here.  The Lilla Rogers Semi-finalist gallery has been opened for voting, so I would REALLY appreciate your time on this.  If you follow the link here: there are instructions on how to vote.   Voting will close this Friday, September 12th, and the finalists will be announced Wednesday, September 17th.

This was such a nerve-wracking 10 days of creation.  We had to create an animal character for a kids’ t-shirt.  (You had the choice to include how to display, or add type to your image.)  For me, the hard part was paring down what animal to represent!  I did at least 4 versions of the pelican once I actually decided on the animal to illustrate.  Then there were the thoughts on how to display this on an 8″x10″ that would be shown as a 72dpi image in a gallery of 50 people.  After looking at the gallery, I do wish I’d done some different things, but the main thing they wanted was to see the animal character.  So I bypassed all the mock up stuff and just showed off my birdy fisherman.  Hope I made the right decision!

Here are some process sketches, to show the beginning to sweating out the end where I had to press the “Submit” button:



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