Bio pic and a story

When I was a kid, around 4-6 years of age, I wore ears and a tail everywhere.  My parents were very understanding of their daughter’s imagination.  For some reason, I told everyone that I was a “boy fox named Kit.”  (I’m guessing it was my love of Disney’s animated Robin Hood and The Fox and the Hound.)  Why I wanted to be a boy…who knows?  I had two brothers and boys always seemed to get to be the hero (in Robin Hood, Maid Marion was pretty helpless and always had to grab the hem of her dress just to run or walk anywhere).

Anyway, foxes have been a favorite animal of mine for many, many years.  I was thrilled with Wes Anderson’s adaptation of Roald Dahl’s The Fantastic Mr. Fox, and watched with rapt attention at that stop-animated film.  It was totally cool.  (I have since watched it several times.)

So I thought it only fitting, when updating my bio pic, to include a little fox character of my own:

Kit and Kit

Thank you, again, for everyone who has voted for me in the Lilla Rogers 2014 Global Talent Search.  It means a lot that you follow me here, and even more that you gave me some of your time by voting for my pelican.


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