Logos, hand drawn type, and a store update

Business of Art

Hello Lovely people.  I have been working on branding myself a little better, so that any samples I send out have a logo and that Lemony “flavor” of my style.  Branding…it’s a whole other kettle of fish.  From my work with branding events, you’d think branding myself would be relatively simple, but…it’s a lot harder, as I am attempting to build something lasting rather than an event with a new theme every year.  And, AND because it’s so personal, I never feel I have it quite right.  However, I have given myself a deadline to order business cards, soo…I give to you 2 logos:


For the blog here?

I’ve been Nancy Lemon as long as I’ve been an artist, but I’ve been Nancy Carney for almost 2 years.  I like the ferris wheel AND the lemon tree.  At least they have similar shapes.  I was thinking I could keep Lemon’s Tree as the blog of Nancy Lemon Carney, the artiste.  There was also the thought that I should put the website and blog all under one url: lemonstree.com.  Or maybe I’m just worrying too much, and need to make a dang decision.  On the good side, I think they both reflect my “brand” as they are sketchy in style, use hand drawn type (which I’ve really been loving doing lately), and they are kind of silly/whimsical.

I may redraw the ferris wheel here, as the cars on the wheel are a little too big.  I think they are both pretty fun, though.  Thoughts on either, or both??  Comments welcome, good people.


For my website, nancylemon.com

5 thoughts on “Logos, hand drawn type, and a store update

    1. Thanks for the insight, Rosie. Carney is an Irish name, so it might mean something over there. 😉😄 I’ve been Lemon’s. Tree for so long; I don’t know why I was trying to switch.


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