Jerry the Deer, and a late Happy New Year



Here is the continuation of the “animals and fashion” thread.  I hope poor Jerry made it…deer season is over, for now.

Watercolor, pen and ink on watercolor paper 9″x12″

The original painting is now available in the Lemon’s Tree Art store, and prints are available at Society 6, as well as t-shirts.  At Society6, use this link to get FREE Worldwide Shipping through midnight, January 11th.

I hope you all have a Happy New Year!


  1. Excuse all my comments(/my belated enthusiasm), but Jerry is just the cutest. I feel strangely protective of this patriotic, clearly fictional deer. I LOVE JERRY the DEER. Is there a t-shirt I can wear to show my support?


  2. Omg!! That is ☆AMAZING☆! I lived three yrs in Jackson, WY, but I’m outta there now, and back to my what-IS-hunting? self. Animals drawn all doe-eyed are just irresistible!! Your skillful pen is mighty! JERRY 4EVER, Lisa


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