Clive the haberdash thief

Le Grand Portefeuille



I’ve been super busy lately, and sick last week, so no paintings ready for posting yet.  However, meet Clive; for now he lives in my sketchbook.

Watercolor & ink in a small square sketchbook.

5 thoughts on “Clive the haberdash thief

  1. This is awesome〜 ! Love the fox. I’m new to this fascinating ☆lemonstree☆ world. The writing, the drawings, the cleverer alternate reality ー your blog is charming beyond belief. You are truly talented. ❤

    PS. Is it not *consist_e_ntly*? Sorry to be a nitpicker.


    1. Lisa, I have enjoyed all of your praise! I am basking in it, and needed a lift today. Thank you for lifting me. You are a bright glow on this Friday.
      PS. It probably is consist_e_ntly. I need an e_ditor. 😉


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