Mildred and Lucille


Although I like the idea, the execution of this piece is not my favorite. I’ve been playing with line and experimenting with different mediums, in the search for improving my style.  As always, there are peaks and gutters.  It’s hard, when there are so many great artists and styles out there, to stay true to your own way, and not “acclimate” someone else’s artistic vision.  For instance, I love the simplicity and line style of Serge Bloch, and I love the dreamy world of Isabelle Arsenault.

So the search for my own truthiness of style continues.  I’m not totally happy with this one, but a teacher once told me that if you are struggling with your art, that means a breakthrough is nigh.  (The sheep in fishnets is pretty hilarious, if I do say so myself.)

I always love to hear your thoughts and comments on my art or thoughts here.  Is style something you struggle with in your own art?



  1. Hi Nancy – I guess it is the self doubt struggle we all have as artists. Personally I love your style! Thanks for posting the drawings you are not fond of, it gives us all courage. And, I do love fishnet stockings, lol.


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