I want a vacation like this…

Bear vacation with books
A reading vacation would be nice.

I can’t figure out what this summer reading lover needs.  More trees?  It feels as if I’ve created a scene where there are only two trees in a vast, open space.  I would love any feedback on this.  Should more shadows be added, or is this too overdone?  I can’t help but feel that something is missing.  Comments are both welcomed and appreciated.


  1. Lovely sketch as always! 🙂

    My non-artist level 2 cents: Some contrast in colours, maybe? A little less green or perhaps, more shades of green? The bear’s expression is so content & I love how the hat fits between the ears.

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  2. How brave of you to ask for comments Nancy 😊. I would say darken the shadows a bit and add a shadow on the ground under the sweet bear.
    I agree with your dad, maybe a grove in the distance. You’ve capture a precious moment, I love your wonderful and whimsical art style.

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