I put a bird on it!

Cardinal wearing boots by Nancy Lemon Studio ©2015
Get a print, tote bag, pillow or…shower curtain, if you so desire, of this design!

Hello Friends.  As you know, I am constantly experimenting with different art mediums as well as on a constant quest for simplification. Now that I have a Wacom tablet, I am challenging myself to create art straight into the computer, but trying to keep it as “hand made” looking as I can. I LOVE painting, drawing with different tools, and generally making a creative mess, but sometimes it is nice to maximize the space I have by using the laptop and the Wacom.  No mess up, no clean up, and editing is SO EASY. As simplification goes…all it is is thte laptop and the Wacom.

I have long been reticent to technology as an art tool (stubborn as a mule, Dad would say) and have just embraced this idea in the past four years or so.  I’ve been drawing on paper, scanning and then “painting” with Photoshop, but for this I thought I’d try straight up computer.  I still love my watercolors, and bring my traveling “studio” with me for lunch breaks, but it is always good to stretch one’s self, I think.

Like the link above states, you are able to get this design on a myriad of items in the Society 6 shop.  I am currently trying to revamp the stores, and fill them with better designs, as the holidays are right around the corner.  Stay tuned, and please share this post, if you feel so inclined.


  1. What a lovely, cheerful drawing… In the last couple of years I’ve really been enjoying drawing and painting on my iPad, mainly using the “Art Set Pro” app…good fun..no mess…never thought I’d use this type of technology! Like you I try to keep my art looking natural; much like the work I do on paper or canvas….Art Set Pro has very naturalistic looking media (there’s a few other art apps I like as well) Looks like you are enjoying your Wacom Tablet…your “Society 6” site looks great! I have some of my work on RedBubble. All the best, Janette. 🙂


    1. Janette, thank you for your thoughtful comment. I have become very fond of the natural media brushes create by Kyle T. Webster (for Photoshop). I don’t think I’ll ever stop painting traditionally, but there is definitely something to be said for harnessing the power of technology! (Especially when revisions are needed.) You are doing a great job with your digital work; I will go check out your Redbubble store!

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