More bunnies, different style!

The original design ©2015 Nancy Lemon Studio
So, more funny bunny faces. This time I drew the doodle with a pen and colored using Illustrator. You won’t believe all of the things there are on which to plaster one’s art…
…such as cell phone cases.
bunnies, kid's t-shirt ©2015 Nancy Lemon Studio
There are kid’s clothes…
bunnies-maternity ©2015 Nancy Lemon Studio
Yes, maternity tees (although I wish the design could be put on the belly.)
bunnies-bonanza-onesie ©2015 Nancy Lemon Studio
Of course the onesies!
dog-shirt-bunnies ©2015 Nancy Lemon Studio
And even something for the pup in your life. (We wouldn’t want to leave out Fido.)

Now there is really something for everyone in the family. (Yet this is only the tip of the ‘print on demand’ iceberg). I really laughed when I saw the dog t-shirt, and felt it must be shared. Please feel free to share this post!


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