Creating the Universe

I have been creating portraits for the 100 day project on Instagram, and I’d like to share a few here.

The 100 day project is an initiative to do one creative thing, be it drawing, painting, music, sculpting, digital art…some people just take happy pictures. The point is to commit to bringing some creativity into your life each day.  It began on April 19th, on Instagram, but they encourage you jump in at any time. I did it last year and it really challenged me to create a new little story each day. The challenge is currently on day 22, but I am playing a bit of catch up. (I’m on 19.)

I’ve been using Instagram more than my blog, as it is really easier, takes less time and is more convenient. Also, I’ve spent some time revamping my website and have an additional blog over there. However, I miss the camaraderie and little community blogging brings. I hope all of you fine folks will feel the pull of the creative challenge and join me on this journey of 100 steps. 😉 I will try to be better about regularly posting!

“If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe.” -Carl Sagan


  1. Great goal! And your portraits are AWESOME! I joined three friends in 2014 in creating a bird every day for 101 days. It totally changed me. Now I really miss if I don’t do something creative every day and I still LOVE birds! Lol! 🙂


  2. These are awesome!! 😍Love seeing them all together! And cool that your doing the 100 day project! That’s such a great challenge! I’m still on the 365 day challenge I set for myself when I started watercolor. (Ends July 2nd!) It’s amazing the habit that forms! I doubt I’ll be stopping after that. 😉hehe


    1. Thank you, Charlie! I have been watching all of your Doodlewashes, but have been slack in my commenting. 😀 It is so cool that you’ve done this for almost an entire year! It gets to be so habit forming that I find myself getting cranky if I miss a day…you’ve been warned. 😉

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  3. So nice to see a sampling of your work here. I enjoy seeing your work on IG too and agree, its so easy to upload and keep a consistent pace, much harder on a blog but yes, the community!


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