Disco bunny process

HaHa, Le Grand Portefeuille

This is a piece originally intended for SCBWI’s monthly #drawthis prompt, but I got a little behind because I had other work that required my attention. Anyway, I liked the idea, and the drawing made me smile, so I wanted to finish it. This was hand drawn and digitally colored with Illustrator this time.  (So if anyone needs this on the side of a bus, it can be scaled that large, without pixelating the image. I’m just saying.) There are many ways that I enjoy working, both by hand and digitally.

Fun with computers

Inspiration, Sketchbook
yeah, carry me, Luigi!

First attempt…please be kind.

I doodled this in my sketchbook while I watched the new Muppets Movie last night, then played with it in Photoshop.

There is an Adobe Illustrator version of this, but then I went and “rasterized” it, and it’s all a jaggedy mess:


“Eek.” I say.

Yeah, not as familiar with ye’ ‘ole Adobe Illustrator…also, I prefer the original line work of my drawing rather than transforming it into vector artwork.  This is only the beginning, though; it’s pretty fun to mess around with new art supplies!  I’m trying to find a whole new style, almost.