Angel wing experiment

Le Grand Portefeuille

I naively thought that while I was on maternity leave, I would have more time to paint.  Just call me “Naive Nancy.”  All you parents out there, have a laugh at the green horn.  However, it’s not all funny.  I do have time while Rosalee is sleeping to play around with my paints and ink.  To preserve what sanity I still possess, I must create art.

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Tree Angel

Digital, Le Grand Portefeuille, Sketchbook


This feels like a page out of a story book.  A lot of my sketchbooks are little one page glimpses of story.  I’ve never written a whole children’s book, as I much prefer making art, but maybe if I scour through the sketchbooks, a story will one day form.  That will be later down the line, as I have a large project (or two) in the works at the moment.  I’m glad to take time from my day to attempt a connection with you, my dear readers.  What do you think of the minimalist palette?

Angelic Pajamas

Digital, Le Grand Portefeuille, Photoshop

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It’s more comfortable for flying!  I got inspired after reading a book called Skellig, by David Almond.  It’s a young adult book, and was quite a good read.

If you feel so inclined, this is available as a print in the store.  FREE SHIPPING through Sunday, June 30th!

There are angels everywhere.

Inspiration, Le Grand Portefeuille

I am into the holiday season.  I thought this was abstractly applicable.

For some reason, I find myself painting bulls and winged creatures together in paintings….what does it mean???

p.s. This is one I sold a few years ago, but thought I’d share it here.