Ahoy hoy. Sorry I’ve been away…UNICORN update!

Illustrating Books
God asks where his unicorns are.

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Hello all, it’s been a while, and for that I do apologize.  I got a bit caught up in some other projects, and let the unicorns idle for a bit.  Well, here is the newest installment, and I’m hard at work on finishing up the rest so I can just schedule them for posts.  The next step is to pick the strongest and fully illustrate in color, as publishers like to get a taste of what the illustrations will look like in their final garb.

Dogs in Sweatshirts

Or at least I always thought so as a kid.

Or at least I always thought so as a kid.

My poor dogs I had when I was a kid…all of them had their own sweatshirt.  I thought they needed the extra warmth, because, y’know…fur isn’t enough. To be fair, most of them were smooth coated Fox Terriers, so their hair didn’t look (to me) to have very much in the way of insulation.


I hate public speaking.

Ughhhh....A man walks into a bar...Ouch!

Even when I ask a question in a meeting or seminar, my face turns red, my heart rate increases, and I become very sweaty.  Why can I not get my lovely, gregarious self out in such situations?  I suppose it is the feeling of being put on the SPOT….so I made a cartoon about it.