Unicorn Smooches

Le Grand Portefeuille
Unicorn Kisses ©Nancy Lemon 2016

Legend says it that unicorn breath smells like fresh baked cookies.

Here is my little fun submission for Illustration Friday this week. The theme word was “kiss”. I’ve been a bit stuck on unicorns for, oh, about…32 years. However, I’ve only just started drawing them again. I hope this gives you a little smile on a Thursday afternoon.

In which Nancy paints a newspaper box for another contest.


So, we are allowed to share “teaser” photos for this West of newspaper contest. I sent art samples and was chosen as one of 33 artists to adorn an old newspaper box with my artistic whims.  It is, at this moment, finished and awaiting transport on the front porch.  Husband was so happy to see me drag this thing home, spray it in primer and spray glue on the front porch, then drag it into the guest room/art & music studio for painting.  In retrospect, this contest required a lot more than I initially planned.  But anyway, if you are in the Charleston area on September 5th and want to view the “gallery” of newspaper boxes, hit up the Avondale area in West Ashely.  It should be fun!