Unicorn Smooches

Le Grand Portefeuille
Unicorn Kisses ©Nancy Lemon 2016

Legend says it that unicorn breath smells like fresh baked cookies.

Here is my little fun submission for Illustration Friday this week. The theme word was “kiss”. I’ve been a bit stuck on unicorns for, oh, about…32 years. However, I’ve only just started drawing them again. I hope this gives you a little smile on a Thursday afternoon.

Who needs a hug?

November Simplicity



Click the Picture to Enlarge the view.

Nothing like snuggling with an enormous house cat to get a good 16 hour nap!  This was scanned right out of my little 5″x5″ hand book sketchbook and made me feel a little bit better as I fight a horrible cold.  Happy warm fuzzies to you this November.  Now I want to go curl up with my two big dogs on the couch…or hug a giant teddy bear.