Just a silly idea.

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Digital illustration by Nancy Lemon ©2015

I initially had an idea for more coffee mugs, and I thought about small people and critters who tend to show up at the edge of the bed to ask this very question.  SO, it is now on a coffee mug in my Society6 store. (As well as being available as a print.)

I’ve been really having fun with these new digital brushes; they almost lend a screen printed look.  It is really fun to experiment with drawing and then manipulating with the endless possibilities of the digital realm.  This is the way an illustration style is pushed and stretched…it’s really fun.  I love doing what I do. 🙂

These mugs live in my office.



It’s funny how I will drink specific things out of particular cups.  Things just don’t taste right out of the “wrong” mug.  It’s the same with spoons for ice cream (they need to be tiny) or a specific plate for toast.  Oh, man, I think I have a problem…

Before starting work for the day, I like to make a little drawing.  This was done quickly in my 3″x5″ sketchbook, using PITT pens and Cotman watercolors.