Look up, people!

Illustrating Books, Le Grand Portefeuille

When I draw people, they seem to all be in a similar pose.  This made me imagine the things we miss while we gaze, text, and scroll our phones. Illustration Friday provided the inspiration as usual.  This week’s theme is “people.”

Original is watercolor and colored pencil on mixed media paper.

Fun and Fancy-ish Cats

Le Grand Portefeuille, Sketchbook


The inspiration for this fine feline trio was from a bit of the invitation I created for my daughter’s first birthday party in October.  I wanted to make a little print just so I could upload a fun design for iPhone cases and mugs and such at Society6.  They are running specials everyday this month it seems…today is free shipping worldwide.

Have a wonderful weekend!

A Month of Tiny Steps produced an Owl Call

Le Grand Portefeuille

I enjoy the Sustainably Creative blog of Michael Nobbs.  This month we all enjoyed A Month of Tiny Steps, in which Michael challenged us to set aside 20 minutes a day on a project.  It could be something that produced a tiny work each day, like making a drawing a day, or it could be something that was easy to start and stop.  As I have a bunch of canvases laying around, and I can’t seem to sit still for more than 20-30 minutes at a time, this sounded like a good challenge.

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So I chose the latter option of working on one bigger project for 20-30 minutes a day.  This owl evolved a lot over the course of February, and to be honest, I didn’t get to work on it EVERY day in February, and that’s o.k.  Another point of the Tiny Steps is to learn to be gentle with oneself.  Sustainably Creative is a great place to get gentle feedback, drawing prompts, and is a nice community of people.