Glasses-wearing Giraffe

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I love creating designs for kids’ t-shirts and clothes almost as much as creating book illustrations. Giraffes are a particular favorite, with their crazy anatomy. I hope this fellow makes someone happy today.

Pegasus Has Landed Illustration


pegasusHasLandedWP  I have been working (very slowly) on a project about unicorns, and in my character designs I sketched this little guy.  His story may be that his wings are still growing, or that he is much like the unfortunate emu; the wings are all show, no function.  I like using a limited palette.  I am attempting to simplify my “style” where I can.  This piece is a bit of a Photoshop sketch, scanned directly from the sketchbook.


Squashy chair


I am thankful for this comfy, squashy chair in our living room, which will be perfect to come home and collapse into after our egregious amount of holiday feasting.


Happy Thanksgiving to all fellow Americans.  To all my international friends, I am thankful for you.  Have a great week, everyone!

The Quick Red Fox…

Digital, Le Grand Portefeuille, Photoshop


Having some fun with some customized Photoshop brushes by Kyle Webster.  I am really enjoying exploring more as a digital painter.  After looking at my previous logo, I realized I didn’t really like yellow all that much, but I love orange…and foxes.  Since my given name is a fun noun, I can’t totally discount it, especially as an artist.  My favorite subjects to paint and draw are animals, so why not incorporate that into my “brand”?  I like painting and getting messy, but cleanup after a drawing/scanning/Photoshop session is as easy as closing a laptop.  And I feel my knowledge has grown a bit over the past year.  This piece shows where I tested some of the brushes before using them on Mr. Fox up there, and includes the original drawing layer.   I thought they added something to this post, but will not be on my final logo.  Now I just need to play with type.

Augusta in August heat

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WoW, playing with gradients will really add a bit of dimension to a work!  I should have had Rainy Janey for today’s post, as we’ve had flash flood warnings due to two days of torrential downpours and live at sea level.  It has really cut the heat and humidity, thank you Lord.  The picture above better illustrates what our Augusts are usually like in the muggy, buggy South.

Have a wonderful rest of your summer, wherever that might be, and whatever it feels like where you are.

This is now available as a print in the store.

Rainy day Jane

Digital, Fashionistas, Le Grand Portefeuille


I saw a lady walking by one day who had these giant purple glasses on, so she (and the copious amounts of rain we’ve had this summer) inspired this little work.  To be honest, I miss the rainy days, as now it is like walking into hot soup outside.  A good, stormy day would ease the humidity and maybe cool this place off a bit.

In all honesty, the idea of heaven to me is an eternal autumn.  It’s truly my favorite season of the year, from the colors to the smell.  The smell of the first fire in someone’s chimney or backyard and the smell of cold on the horizon.  Oranges and reds and rusts and yellows, against the backdrop of a crisp, blue sky…it’s all just the best.  Maybe it wouldn’t be my favorite if it was year-round though.  Who’s to say?

As usual, this is hand drawn and colored digitally.

Tree Angel

Digital, Le Grand Portefeuille, Sketchbook


This feels like a page out of a story book.  A lot of my sketchbooks are little one page glimpses of story.  I’ve never written a whole children’s book, as I much prefer making art, but maybe if I scour through the sketchbooks, a story will one day form.  That will be later down the line, as I have a large project (or two) in the works at the moment.  I’m glad to take time from my day to attempt a connection with you, my dear readers.  What do you think of the minimalist palette?