Pointy Animal Parade

Inspiration, Le Grand Portefeuille
Illustration Friday prompt-pointy-Nancy-Lemon-illustration-2015

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This week’s Illustration Friday topic is “Pointy”.  This is the idea that made me giggle, so this is what I made.  (It is probably ridiculous that this is the way I make many idea decisions.)  I went analog here, using watercolors and colored pencils on watercolor paper.

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Toy and Super Donk

Digital, Le Grand Portefeuille

It’s true…I’ve never seen him wear them.

I am lucky to have found Back Pocket Farm near my house, where I trade a bit of barn work for a bit of horseback riding.  These are two of the characters who live at BPF.  Toy is a miniature horse, and Ely J. Donk, esq. is an especially wily miniature donkey.

In real life, they are quite hilarious together, and so have inspired this little cartoon.  Feel free to click on the image to ENLARGE.