Autumnus Forest

Le Grand Portefeuille

AuTumnus Forest, Nancy Lemon ©2016

I’m not sure about this one…is there too much wild color going on? Just experimenting with layers of marks: some ink, some pens, some pencil. Then, as I do, coloring in Photoshop. I felt like I was getting into a “palette rut” for awhile, and have tried to get out of my comfort zone lately by using much brighter colors than I used to. The process is fun; I hope I never stop playing!

Fun with Macy

Inspiration, Le Grand Portefeuille
She flies through the air on the wings of an owl...

She flies through the air on the wings of an owl…

Hello all, happy Friday to you.

This is a weird Photoshop practice piece I’ve come up with while completing tutorials on  Now that it is complete, the feeling of the piece seems more suited to Halloween than the looming Christmas season.

The dog is my friend Blake’s…I think she’s a pit/boxer mix, although there could be some American Bulldog there.  While she seems quite stoic in nature, her tail is always wagging, as you can see.

From what I have gathered, it is really easy to get too heavy-handed with Photoshop.  The people who do it best use it in a very refined, subtle manner.  Like people who are good at applying makeup…they look really great, but don’t look as if they have makeup on.