Fun commissioned artwork

Le Grand Portefeuille

It has been a while, and I’ve been busy.  I wanted to share two fun pieces I was commissioned to do.  It was gratifying that they trusted me so much and like my style.  They gave me a few activities they enjoy and told me to run with it, using whatever characters I came up with (animal, people, mineral…)  The themes were gardening and dining with friends.  These are 9″x12″ watercolor and pencil on watercolor paper.  A big THANK YOU to Dusti and Jonathan.

A Cotton Bureau design and Promo Code for Nancy Lemon art

Business of Art

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you these announcements….

© 2015 Nancy Lemon, sloth life tshirt for cotton bureau

Idle Vice is a lifestyle choice.

The first design I submitted to Cotton Bureau got picked up to possibly print and is available for purchase.  If you have an inner sloth (I know I do) please place an order for one (or two, or five…teehee).  Once 12 are ordered, then they can go to press.  Twelve shirts sold covers the cost of printing, once you sell 25, then you make a profit.  That’s the way the Cotton Bureau works, for now.  If you don’t want a tshirt or sweatshirt, I totally get it.  Please share this post with someone, if you have the time.  I appreciate that you’ve read this far!



FREE Shipping WORLDWIDE through March 8th

Free shipping on many lovely things in the Nancy Lemon Society6 store.  Click the image above to use the promo code for free shipping.

Promotion expires March 8, 2015 at Midnight Pacific Time. *Free Shipping offer excludes Framed Art Prints, Stretched Canvases, Wall Clocks and Rugs

As usual, I am so appreciative that you all read my blog and take the time to look at my art.  It really makes my heart happy.  I will return soon with the ongoing saga of Noah and the Unicorns. 🙂

Stylin’ Blue-footed

Le Grand Portefeuille


Played with mixed media to create this affable fellow.  I’m thinking of setting up a store at in order to sell some original artwork, but I need to build up some inventory first!  This is ink, watercolor, and gouache on paper.

Dogs I have loved

Le Grand Portefeuille

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I was going through an old folder of drawings last night and found this, which I’d never finished.  It still had some inking that needed doing, and no color.  So, I got out the gouache and watercolors and went to town.  That’s right–a little departure from Photoshop.  There is definitely the “mark of the hand” in this one.

Growing up we had a lot of dogs, and then I put in a few that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing.  There are several new ones since I started this drawing, so maybe a second page needs to be created.

God at rest.

Digital, HaHa, Sketchbook
God-is this it?

God so loved the world, but he still sometimes got bored.

As you can see, this was scanned from my sketchbook; I some how always draw my best work next to the spine!  (What I think is my best work, anyway.)   How do you draw God, anyway?  I usually sketch him as giant feet coming from the clouds, but this is a stereotypical old, white-bearded guy in the sky.  My favorite part is his wooden kitchen chair.  Happy Friday!

This is hand-drawn and then colored in Photoshop.  Please click on the image to enlarge it.

That ole’ manual horsepower…

This baby corners like it's on rails!

Always my problem with manual transmissions.

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Is there anyone with any suggestions for material or things you would like to see here?  I am open to requests.  Thanks for reading!